Creative Problem Solver

I think on long term strategy, and it's implementation in to the design process. This means looking for the flaws as well as the strengths in any idea, project, or design in order to prevent potential issues later and to ensure the success and an enjoyable experience for the user.


I believe it's important to approach these issues from a technical standpoint at first. This allows me to understand who the users are, and to gain clarity on the nature and intent of the project. Since no two projects are alike, this also helps me avoid settling in to generic solutions that could result as ineffective.


From my point of view UX and Branding go hand in hand, the facilitation of an enjoyable experience through a product or application must also be influenced by the statement the brand is making. As well, a brand can infer from the feedback of it's users to adapt and make itself more enjoyable to them.


My mission is to bring this approach to those who want to make a difference and create the type of work that can truly speak for them. Not just by sharing it but also by making their lives better.

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