The Ludlam Trail was a 4 mile project launched in 2016  to raise awareness for support on the development of the old Ludlam train track in to a greenway space connecting Downtown Dadeland and Miami International Airport cutting across several suburban neighborhoods in the South Miami Areas.
Aside from the information about the trail, we needed to create a mailer that would notify its supporters about upcoming events, most held every week, with the announcement of major upcoming events as well.

Given the several changes and different type of events that would be hosted monthly, I created a modular layout that could fit up to six different entries, depending on the number of scheduled events.
The ads and calendar of events would not be limited to print however, as I also took to creating digital counterparts in which to reach our supporter base. The project had many partnerships and individual events to promote as well, so taking all this in to account, I made sure the designs would reflect a lively and welcoming look to families in the surrounding community in order to gain new supporters. Above all the designs would relate to each other to maintain a consistent look under the Ludlam Trail brand.

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