Our client, CenterWell is a subsidiary of Humana who in late 2021 had a problem. 
They created a new business aspect aimed at home health services for senior patients and in order to achieve faster expansion by 2022 they decided to purchase the larger and more recognized Kindred Home Health to help expand their brand, but in doing so they took notice that the current Kindred staff was not familiar with the CenterWell brand, and neither was the local market.
The ask was to think of ways to communicate both internally and prospectively:
1. Help retain and attract new talent to the CenterWell Home Health brand.
2. Build brand culture awareness through these two groups.
3. Make a connection.
For our internal communications campaign, our research showed that when it comes to brands in healthcare, many offer the same benefits to their employees, salary, time off, sick days, and a retirement plan. We took into account nuances when we talk about the type of role and their respective expectations to which we need to stay sensitive to. We also took into consideration the current economical and cultural landscape, our research showed what many of us already knew: employees want to feel valued and respected, particularly by those in healthcare who showed a greater percentage of work fatigue and burnout during and after the pandemic.
So the messages needed to revolve around care and support for it's current employees, placing it as new leadership assuring current employees that their benefits would not only remain the same, but they would improve with expanded services they could rely on and further support to their work/life balance. While recruiters could show the additional advantages and resources current employees held above other brands, and expand on other incentives to bring potential hires to meet with them.
Design-wise we needed visuals to convey how employees were fulfilled both at work and at home with further endorsement of testimonials to highlights key benefits and brand values to build brand awareness and trust as well. We also needed to make sure these pieces could work for recruiters who wanted to focus on particular roles so we made sure the language and design allowed for variable fields explaining more relevant benefits that could help entice their prospective hire. All being able to fit in postcards that could be mailed and handed as take home pieces during recruitment fairs.
We also created additional materials for internal distribution so recruiters and HR personnel could use to create incentives and expand on the new and upgraded benefits CenterWell would offer. This was all reinforced with an additional social media campaign to expand channel reach.

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